In Independent India, if there is any gruesome mistake which claimed many lives, that is Bhopal gas tragedy. An unfortunate night claimed many lives. The reason was carelessness.

How did it happen?

Union Carbide India Ltd’s (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal was reported to release the toxic methyl-isocyanate (MIC) gas after midnight on the intervening night of 2 and 3 December.

The breeze carried with it the highly toxic substance which made its way into and around the shanty towns located near the plant.

It is estimated that around 40 tonnes of MIC gas and other chemicals leaked from the Union Carbide factory that night. An estimated 8,000 died within two weeks and more than five lakh were affected.

Considered one of the world’s worst industrial disasters, the gas leak maimed generations to come.

How Warren Anderson responsible?

Warren Anderson and the government by that time and the officials who had not taken precautions were responsible for this tragedy.

The man who made Warren Anderson leave India:

Mr Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India made him leave India. According to various sources, the Rajiv Gandhi government did everything to protect the man responsible for destroying the lives of lakhs of individuals.

The case against Union Carbide factory ran for decades and the justice delayed and denied as well. Many governments changed and justice still unreachable.

India could not bring Warren Anderson back despite many attempts due to international law and rules. This American Industrialist died in the year 2014 at the age of 92.

On 3rd December 1984, small kids at their 5 years had to die and the main accused lived happily for another 30 years after the tragedy.

Government’s action:

Even after 36 years, India has seen another tragedy in Visakhapatnam, which claimed many lives. The difference is nothing. The same carelessness the same devaluing a common man. These acts of utter carelessness and zero empathy and devaluing the lives of the common public made Indians, stop believing in judicial and political powers.

Let us hope that, in future, these kinds of incidents do not occur.

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