A day after farmers rejecting the proposal of talks with Home Minister, he conducted a high-level meeting with the Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar last night. After two hours of meeting yesterday late at night, there was information from the sources that the farmers are going to block five entry points to Delhi. Farmers said that the government should have invited them with the open heart, not with the preconditions. state president of Punjab Kisan Union, Ruldu Singh had said, “We will discuss how to engage in talks with the centre. We are ready for talks with the centre only if they invite us for the same.” He added that apart from the farm laws, they also want the withdrawal of electricity amendment bill (2020). “We firmly know that the union government will not agree to all our demands. While getting the three farm laws revoked is our primary demand, we also want the withdrawal of electricity amendment bill (2020). If the government insists on the farm laws, then we will push for legalising MSP for the purchase of every crop,” he said.

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