From the past two days, the highly circulated viral video of social media is a heavy explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. The reasons behind this explosion may astonish the world citizens. The explosion is due to negligence in storing the Ammonium Nitrate which weighs about 2,750 tonnes. The same negligence of Vizag tragedy led to this explosion. In the third world countries, due to negligence, many tragedies happened. It is one of them. Let us look at the negligence of storing Ammonium Nitrate in Beirut, Lebanon. Already, Lebanon has been facing many problems like a civil war. However, tonnes of ammonium nitrate has been stored for 6 years without safety precautions which resulted in this huge explosion.

The explosion shook the capital city Beirut. The apartments swayed and the city with large buildings became like a huge dump of garbage. Nearby island Cyprus also shook and the people there felt that it was an earthquake. In Beirut, many people are missing and the death toll has climbed to 157, 5000+ people are injured. Lebanese President Michel Aoun conduced an emergency meeting of his cabinet and requested the opposition leaders to be united in this situation. Lebanese president Mr Aoun announced two weeks emergency. He requested help from world countries. Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diyab said in his addressing to media that their government would punish the culprits. French president Emmanuel Marcon responded positively and sent his help. He personally visited the place. He asked for an independent inquiry on this incident. Red Cross has been helping the city people. People in the city are in shock and the loss is very huge. The recovery of Beirut required a lot of efforts and help from the world countries.

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