A famous Chinese Proverb
“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

If we train the unskilled and change them to skilled, they get their vocation for a lifetime. Mr Ani Ray is that kind of person who not only work as an MD and Indian Shareholder in the company called Arabian Construction Company ( ACC ) India but also trains the unskilled labour and turn them to be skilled and gives a Launchpad for them through his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

This is what the country looking for. India is now battling for better GDP, and it is possible through skilling up the unskilled people. Ani Ray has been doing his work and contributing his best by providing the services to the unskilled.

We people have a stereotype thinking that successful people are actually successful because of the push they get from their parents and mentors, but most of the people are not like that, and Ani Ray also worked hard to be successful.

Where is he from?
Ani Ray was from a lower-middle-class family from West Bengal, Kolkata. His father was a government employee and used to get a meagre salary so they used to stay in the government offered accommodation which was pretty small. He was brought up in the same place. His mother and father taught values and principles, his mother taught him to help the people in every moment even on the way.

He was a top ranker in the entrance exam, he got 150th rank in the common entrance test and got the seat in Jadavpur University Kolkata and did his Engineering. During his schooling and college, he was very active in extracurricular activities. He was a cadet of NCC. After his Engineering, he joined a company and continued to study in evening classes and completed an MBA from the same Jadavpur University, Kolkata and later did his PG diploma in marketing and sales.

He worked in different organisations and the best is, wherever he works, he gets friends from that company and he maintains the relationship with them. He gives importance to the relationship, trust, integrity and values. His father advised him to change the organisation if one feels to have growth, not for the sake of money only. He followed his father’s words.

Diversified work environment – a sign of sharp learners:
He worked in different projects like Engineering, procurement projects, construction etc. He learned every time and progressed in his career. His integrity, honesty and valuing the people brought him, great friends. He says that homework is needed for the work we perform in the office and workstations.

Plans of Canada cancelled:
He thought of going to Canada and settle there as a citizen of that country, but he realised that India is a better place for opportunities and he dropped the idea of going to Canada. In his every step, his parents and his wife Ritu helped him.

Arabian Construction Company?
Arabian Construction Co (ACC), established in 1967 and Headquartered in Beirut and having operations especially in the Middle East where Ani worked as Country & Regional Director of Indian & Turkish company.

Arabian Construction Co ( ACC )’s operational headquarter is in UAE and Ani developed a great friendship with Mr Rasheed Mikati, one of the owners’ sons of ACC. Ani was instrumental in convincing Rasheed Mikati to bring ACC in India to build India’s tallest building “World One” in Mumbai. In 2012, Rasheed requested Ani to start the Indian operations of ACC as an Indian shareholder. Initially, Ani was hesitant as he thought he might lose the friendship with Rasheed as generally commercial relationship brings clashes in many personal relationships. Finally, Rasheed Mikati convinced him to join as Managing Partner and MD of ACC India, the Indian subsidiary of ACC group. The ACC Group turnover is more than 1 billion USD and as per CTBUH ranking number 2 in the world for tall building construction. The group’s subsidiary, ACC India, constructed the tallest buildings of North, East and Western parts of India including the tallest building of India. ACC is known for its unmatched Speed of Construction alongside Quality and Health and Safety.

Unique constructions:
Under his supervision, unique buildings were constructed by his company in India. The unique feature is the height of the buildings, when we see “World One”, Lodha, Mumbai, we feel the same. In Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata his team built tallest towers, which are above 230 meters. The best example of such buildings is ‘Supernova’ in New Delhi and ‘The 42’ in Kolkata.

Why unique construction:
A unique feature is self-branding, which is required in the present day competitive world.

CSR – Skills development:
The corporate companies generally take the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as part of satisfying the government norms, however, a very few people take the CSR as an important opportunity to train the unskilled people, which may give an opportunity for them lifelong. He not only trains the people but also offer an opportunity.

An entrepreneur, skills & opportunity provider yet very simple:
He is an entrepreneur and Skills and opportunity provider too, yet very simple. When this question secret of his simplicity was asked, he said that learning and confidence made him simple and away from flaunting. India needs such entrepreneurs and the business people, who can uplift the GDP, by providing job opportunities or by providing skills training.

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