A sad incident took place in Lakshmipur Kheri. A 13-year minor girl was gang-raped and killed. A few days ago, another unfortunate incident happened. A six years old minor girl was raped in Hapur. The culprit was arrested after a gunfight with the police. According to the reports her body was found in the fields of sugarcane fields. Her eyes were gouged out. She was brutally raped and killed. The police have arrested two men on Friday and in a press release today, the police have said that the girl went for defecation at around 1 PM on 14th August in Itanagar police station area but never came back home. The sugarcane fields belong to one of the accused. Her parents searched for her and found her dead in the sugarcane fields. She was strangled by her dupatta and pulled into the Sugarcane field and her eyes were gouged out and her tongue was cut.

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