After Hathras, many atrocities are recorded in India and in Uttar Pradesh. Many constitutional acts are passed and many attempts are made to punish the culprits but, in the Indian society, the fear of committing a crime could not take place in the cruel minds of a few people. It led to many crimes against women.

The Patriarchal society:
Society and a few religious beliefs are excessively patriarchal which led to the atrocities on women. Women are treated as a maid of the houses and a few egoist men, have been treating the women as slaves. According to a few statistics, the atrocities on a woman have been happening from closer relatives.

No control over the senses:
Losing control of senses also gave these atrocities extra push and the confidence of culprits to escape from the law also making them to commit the crime.

No Sex education and porn websites:
There is no proper education in many people and in Indian society still, people think about sex education as taboo. Ancient Indian society has this kind of education that is why there were books on this and the sculptures on the ancient temples could be seen. That is one of the reasons for no or less record of atrocities on women.

The increasing interest and no resistance on seeking sensual pleasures also another weakness of the men which has been leading to commit many crimes and because there is no proper education on the organs, people with less education and more interest in the sensual pleasures, lead to fantasies which are falsely projected in the porn sites also a reason for this kind of crimes.

No micromanagement on personal behaviors:
There were villages that were very active in controlling and giving the vocation to the people, and there was a system to closely manage and monitor the people. But, the management failed when the economy of India has changed. The small and effective economy was collapsed. There was proper monitoring of people’s behavior as well. To earn money or to study or for other purposes, people have been migrating to other places. The criminals or the regular offenders try to take the advantage of being unrecognized by the public and commit crimes.

What the government should do:
The government should promote sex education and moral education for teenagers. The government should promote meditation which could enable the practitioners of meditation to control their senses.

The government should take the court hearings as quickly as possible. Because justice delayed is justice denied.  So the government should change many mechanisms and reinstate the systems. Indian system may be suitable for the people who are rich not for the poor.

Monetary and Political influence:
There is clear monetary and political influence play role in making the decisions and judgments. This process of delivery of judgment can be slow down, to make the case and its witnesses, frustrated and leave the case. In the beginning, the intensity of the case can be seen but later, it can not be seen. Media also forgets that. Sometimes media plays according to the influenced and political people. A simple example is the “Kathuva” case is no more a hot topic, we can see any updates in the media. 

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