The first state in Mexico to ban sales of Sugary drinks and Junk food is Oaxaca State. They raised the levied 40% exercise tax on these drinks. Why is it a necessary action to be taken?

Why sugary drinks or chips shouldn’t be so easily available to children? What study did Tufts University and National Institute of public health?

Reasons behind banning sugary drinks and junk food: Oaxaca is a state where 28 children in every 100 are suffering from obesity. This is the study done by Tuft University and National Institute of public health. They have identified the reason behind this situation. The main reason is the consumption of sugary drinks and junk food. According to the researchers, obesity could become an epidemic. As said, 28 children between 5 and 11 have been suffering from this obesity.

Reasons for obesity: Obesity is a lifestyle disorder. Eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks, less or no exercise etc. are the main reasons. Junk food and sugary drinks consist of no nutrients.

Sugary Drinks: Sugary drinks have high sugar levels which may impact the isles of Langerhans in lever which secrets insulin. So the heavy consumption of sugary drinks may lead to diabetes and other heart-related health disorders.

Diet or zero sugar drinks: Some people go for diet drinks, but artificial sweeteners may cause many severe problems for our systems. Consumption of diet drinks is more dangerous.

Energy Drinks: Due to attractive advertisements people moreover children get attracted to these energy drinks. Energy drinks consist of caffeine in high volume. If we check the label of the energy drink they clearly specify that it is not recommended for children and pregnant woman. Health impact: Heart thumping and insomnia are the main after-effects. It may lead to cardiovascular problems also, like blood block and blockages etc.

Junk Food: The main tastemaker in junk food is salt. High consumption of salt/sodium may stiffen the arteries. 40% of salt is sodium and 60% is chloride. Sodium affects the heart and may increase Blood pressure. SO, it is better to consume less salt. If we stop eating junk food, which contains very less or no nutrients, we can cut the risk of getting affected by Hypertension, Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

Finally, the step towards banning sales of sugary drinks and junk food to children can low the risk of future generations from mentioned diseases.

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