The situation is worsening in Rajasthan after bird flu virus was detected in crows, whose carcasses were found in the city three days ago, civic health officials have said. The authorities are now on high alert.  Kunji Lal Meena, Rajasthan principal secretary, said on Sunday, “Till now, 47 crows have died in Kota, 100 in Jhalawar and 72 in Baran. No death reported in Bundi. We are taking the necessary steps to spread awareness and control the situation.” The bird flu virus has been detected in around 50 crows whose carcasses were found in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, three days ago, putting the authorities on alert, reported a civic health official as saying on Friday. The central government has also issued an alert to the states, saying that samples need to be collected from areas where bird flu deaths are being reported.

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