BJP in West Bengal has questioned the judgment on Chhath Puja. The BJP cadre in Bengal asked if the same treatment will be there for all the other religions and their festivals. BJP called it a double-faced judgment. Last week the High Court banned the procession and loud music and gathering at water bodies on Chauth Puja showing the cause of COVID spread. In this regard, Hindu believers are upset and BJP party General Secretary of West Bengal Sayanthan Basu categorically rejected the judgment. In a Bengali magazine, Mr Basu said “We’ll not restrict anyone on Chhath. Those who perform Chhath Puja are sensible enough. They’ll follow all the covid-related protocols while celebrating,”On the High Court Order Mr Basu said “The government pays heed to the High Court order only for the Durga Puja and Chhath Puja and not during the festivals of other faiths. We’ll not accept this double-faced order.”

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