The extreme thoughts have been dividing the world. Freedom of Expression has costed the life of a teacher.

Who was killed?
A History teacher, named Samuel Paty in Paris was killed. He was beheaded and the video was shot and circulated in social media. He was captivated and beheaded brutally. The killer had a gun in his hand but, he killed the teacher using a knife.

Why beheaded?
The History teacher Samuel was teaching about the freedom of expression. He was very broadminded and not against any religion. He was not islamophobic. He also asked the children to leave if they don’t like the lesson on freedom of expression. He said what example he was going to show. During the lesson, he had shown the Prophet Mohammad’s picture which was published by Charlie Hebdo magazine. Even the magazine office was also attacked and many were killed who were associated with the magazine. The killer, killed by beheading the teacher. The teenager, of 18 years old was a refugee from Chechnya, once a part of Russia. A Muslim said in an interview reacting to the incident that, disrespecting or making fun of Prophet Mohammad is not tolerable but, it does not mean to kill anyone. According to Quran killing a man is like killing the entire humanity.
How many were involved? What happened to the main accused / killer?
This 18-year-old boy took the help of the other 9, who are some of his family members and others, including a girl.

Reasons for becoming radicalized?
A few people become radicalized based on organized propaganda against the democracies. The patience to handle emotions is important. The biggest enemies are our anger, ego, lust, and greed. Here, in this incident, we could see no control over emotions. Any religious books’ meaning should not be taken directly. A few people take the meaning directly but the meaning in the religious scriptures is poetically expressed and metaphorically shown.

What happened to the culprits?
The main accused and killer was shot dead and the other 9 were arrested and being interrogated.

How can the killing and mob lynching and extremism be restricted?
The only way to stop the spread of hatred on democracy is based on moral education. The education for vocation is important but, informal education, moral education is not provided. It should be provided to all the students. The other and important way of stopping the killing of innocent people is the Muslim society’s heads should be strongly advised that fellow people to not to implement.

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