Climate change worsens the Indian monsoon. Every monsoon is becoming wetter and untimely rains are happening in the Indian subcontinent. A pattern change is there in the monsoon over the years.

We find that the projected monsoon response to ongoing ice melt and rising carbon dioxide levels are fully consistent with the dynamics of the past 0.9 million years,” the research paper said.

Led by Steven Clemens, a professor of earth, environmental and planetary sciences at Brown University, the team of researchers analysed mud samples recovered from the Bay of Bengal to conclude.

Scientists analysed the fossils of plankton embedded in the sample that had died over hundreds of years as monsoon rains put more freshwater into the bay, reducing the salinity at the surface.

The above samples provided a depth analysis of monsoon rainfall.

“We can verify over the past million years that increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been followed by substantial increases in rainfall in the South Asian monsoon system. The predictions of the climate models are wonderfully consistent with what we see in the past million years,” Clemens

Eco-friendly living is better living!
Eco-friendly living is the best living. Before the arrival of British and European forces, India was with the eco-friendly village confined small scale industries that were eco friendly. This simple living made the then society pollution-free and a balanced environment.

Later, when the British and European rulers reached India, industrialization and western living made environmental changes.

When the climatic conditions could become normal?
The only way to balance is proper and strict restrictions of factories and people should take responsibility to control the pollution. People should follow using the eco friendly and should use the public transportation, to reduce the pollution.

Right now the condition is:
Over flooding of the rivers is a common scene for a few years in different places in Andhra, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The increasing pollution due to industrialization and deforestation consistently made the climatic conditions worst.

However, the weather body in India Meteorological Department said that the southwest monsoon has covered the northeast region, nearly four days after its normal date. The Southwest Monsoon made an onset over Kerala, which marks the beginning of the four-month rainfall season, on June 3 after a delay of two days. The weather body has predicted that the monsoon is expected to be normal this season as well as in June, a month critical for sowing.

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