China’s greed for expansion is never-ending. Recently, China occupied a piece of land in Nepal near Mount Kailash and did not allow the Nepal citizens into it, which annoyed the citizens of Nepal, who protested standing against the China embassy in Kathmandu.

Is it new to China to claim the neighboring countries’ land as theirs? Tibet:
It is not new to China to claim the other countries’ land as its land. In 1950, China invaded Tibet and started saying that it was theirs and had shown the historical records, which tells that, China kings ruled Tibet for a brief time. In 1959, the religious teacher of Buddhism, Dalai Lama, was to escape from Tibet and reached India, where he announced the Government in Exile of Tibet.

Aksai Chin:
India claims Aksai Chin as their part. The land is still in the status quo.

Arunachal Pradesh:
Arunachal Pradesh is actually an Indian state, which has been claimed by China that it was theirs, especially Tawang district.

South China Sea:
China has controversies with the South China Sea islands, which have been opposed by Taiwan kind of country.

China’s kings ruled present-day Taiwan so, by showing the brief time of history China has been claiming that Taiwan is their country’s part. However, Taiwan has a democratic ruling and it has a strong army as well.

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong was lost to British Colonial rule, during the first opium war in 1842. Later, China gave Hong Kong to Britain on a 99 years lease, which came to an end in 1997 and China implemented “One Country Two Systems” which was opposed by the Hong Kong people and later, there was a violation of Human Rights in Hong Kong by the China government. The News Papers were censored.

Salami Slicing:
China has been following a method called Salami Slicing, which is the easiest way to claim the neighboring country’s land. The salami Slicing strategy is, claiming and occupying the neighboring lands in smaller portions and later it becomes an accumulated huge land. This stealthy way of occupation may not cause bigger tensions with neighboring countries.

Why Salami Slicing?
The major benefit of the Salami Slicing’s strategy is, major provocative tensions and escalations may not take place, though the neighboring countries identify the Chinese Army entering the territory. They may have smaller clashes and military meetings.

What is the best example of Salami Slicing?
The perfect example of Salami Slicing is Galway Valley and Show River places in India.
Galway valley is not a disputed place but after salami slicing and friction with Chinese troops, the world started looking at the Galway Valley as a disputed place.
On one hand, China is saying that they want peace and India has been answering the Chinese troops through the Indian Army and the diplomatic approach with great diplomatic successes, which were never before.
Is it new to China to claim the neighboring countries’ land as theirs?

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