Communism is a method to bring the major countries under one umbrella.

The initial ideology:
The starting days of this ideology were fine, they helped the needy and they revolted against the monopoly of the rulers. Tsar ruling in Russia and Louis VII ruling in France were evident for snatching the rights of people.

Karl Marx:
The main thinker of communism was Karl Marx. He wrote “Das Kapital” and ” Manifesto of the communist party” etc. This communist philosopher who lived in  Germany influenced many people. One of them was Lenin and followed by Stalin.

Lenin and his contribution to his country:
He sacrificed his life and sometimes spent his time in exile. He was a swaying leader. His victories were the Russian revolution, the New Economic Policy, etc.

After Lenin, Stalin came to power in Russia. There are proofs that, he sent many people to Siberia kind of extreme climatic conditioned prisons, concentration on jail. As per a few sources, Stalin killed many people who were non-believers of communism.

Like USSR, many countries went under the communism.

An imperialistic thought – communism:
Slowly communism has been expanding into some countries. Especially, India. China has been an enemy of our Nation.

India suffering:
India is a democratic country and China is a communist country. There is an allegation that it has been using many people for espionage.

Understand communism:
Communism wants expansion, and it claimed many lives. Communism completely wanted to control the entire land by breaking the countries.

No past heritage:
Communism tries to destroy the old Heritage of any local history especially it destroys the culture of the land. If possible through propaganda or the direct action of destruction.

China succeeded in setting its foot in Nepal: Nepal started claiming the land which belongs to India as their land. Till recent times, both got friction regarding this.

Nepal is slowly deprived of its tradition and nationalism. Now we can see many changes and interference of communists from China, to Nepal to settle the disputes between, two groups of Nepal leaders.

Indian communist leaders:
Even, Indian communist leaders, many went to meet the communist leaders and had met them in recent ages. Even in the 1962 Indo-China war, Indian Communist Parties morally supported China. 

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