Many scientists opined that the Covid virus could have been developed in North Carolina and sent to the Wuhan. A few scientists have formed the theory that the USA and China collaboratively developed this virus. For many days the former president of the USA claimed that it was the virus of China and the China president Jing Ping opposed the claim.

A few scientists said that, the data from the University of Carolina about the Covid related information was deleted. And no other nation has the power to enquire about this. On the other hand, even China has also evolved as a powerful nation.

Many people started believing in this theory. There is another theory, which tells that, Wuhan scientists have developed the virus.  

This is one theory by a few scientists and the other theory is, the Covid virus was developed by the China scientists. According to a theory, a few scientists went to the cave and took a bat. As per the theory, they extracted the virus from the blood of bats and modified the virus, which resulted in Sars Cov 2.

Bill Gates, in Ted Talks, said in 2015 that, there could be a pandemic in future. This is strange that no one knows how he knew this before the origin of COVID 19, as people believe that, the infection of COVID 19 started in 2019. Is it a wild guess or did he know about this?

A few scientists have gone missing in China, who were infected with the COVID infection and to date, no one knows where they are.  Their families and social accounts and also contact numbers everything related to them is missing.

Is it world war 3?
Many people are expressing their doubt that it could be a third world war. And many economists are saying that this virus is experimented on the other parts of the world, to ruin the economy and growth of the other countries.

The chance to make money?
Bill Gates said in an international media interview that, the vaccines and waving off of the patent rights should not happen. This raises another doubt if the virus is experimented on the people and world to make pharmaceutical and vaccine business.

We can see that the WHO endorsed the use of certain drugs as a treatment like Remdesivir and plasma therapy etc, but later, after a year, the same WHO said that these medicines and treatment are not at all useful in treating of COVID 19 infection.

Many doubts but, this is sure that, the virus is synthesized and experimented and this is not naturally spread infection.

Only precautions can help us to be safe from this invisible enemy of mankind. Everyone should wear a mask and should not touch the face. One should not touch the objects outside. As per the latest discovery, COVID is an airborne infection so, it is good to have a multilayer mask and should also sanitize the hands. Should be very careful as the third wave would become more dangerous and kids are also vulnerable this time.

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