COVID 19 spread is on the swing again in all over India. However, Indians have a different swag when they deal with the diseases. 

As Trump said in an election campaign, India has filthy air, which has been saving all these years. Filthy air and filthy environment made us stronger.

The study of CSIR’s report has been proving the hypothesis that being less cleanly could prepare the immune system to be strong.  

Is that true, that, being filthy would fetch good health?

Many people may not believe but it is true. That is why our forefathers in India used to play and work in the same mud during farming and they eat with hands (even now we have been doing that, except a few) the recent statistical reports show that this hypothesis is true. 

The USA is badly affected by COVID and India also. India’s hygiene is not so great and simply not good. If the US is taken, the high cleanliness can be seen. 

In India and the US in both the countries, COVID affect is there, but when it comes to mortality rate, it is less in India and high in the USA. 

CSIR study also revealed that, if the Human Development Index is good, then, the chances of getting infected could be high. They have even shown highly developed nations like USA, Italy, Spain etc. But, India is not a developed nation with less hygienic conditions.

Cytokine storm – Self immune diseases: Another danger to most of the developed nations, is, the cytokine storm, which boosts self immune diseases. Not being exposed even to the small infections results in this kind of disorder. This kind of disorder is one of the main reasons for the death of COVID infected patients. 

This cytokine storm doesn’t act much on most of the Indians. 

The ultimate food habits:

We eat with our hands in India, because of this we could have good exposure towards minor and unrecognisable infections and it is good for health, which makes ready to face bigger infections as well.  The turmeric, kind of ingredients are better. 

This report astonished all the scholars and intellectuals who call India as a vulnerable country to infections. But that is wrong. 

Why India looks filthy?

There are several reasons. Some of them are, less educated and many works in India exposes us to the earthy sand and water. 

India is a great nation. 

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