Pleasing politics brought troubles to Dhidhi, Mamatha Benerjee. West Bengal has 30% of the votes are from Muslim and these 30% votes would bring the 70-80 seats easily and at the same time, in many places, Muslim votes are crucial.

The opposition and BJP accused her of giving entry to Bangladesh infiltrators, and at one situation, she called the infiltrators her brothers and sisters.

There are Muslim groups in the Bengal region. In North Bengal near Kolkata and surroundings, Jamathe Islamia Hind’s influence is there on the Muslim Voters.

In South Bengal, Furfura Masjid has the influence, and its Moulvi, called Peer Zadha Abbas Sidique started blackmailing that he would start a political party and if Mamatha wants his support, he has been demanding for 44 seats. He has been in the process of making votes.

All these days, she has built the minority voters as their voters. But, now Peer Zadha Abbas Siddiqui may ask for the important portfolios if she requires help from this Moulvi. If she agrees to the demand than, she has to give a share of 40 seats at least in 290 and she will have to give the portfolios.

She tried to persuade him to get support from him, but she failed. She divided a few supporters and Peer Zadha Abbas’s family from him but failed.  

In a meeting, she openly expressed her thoughts that the Hindu votes and Muslim votes might divide and she also expressed that Majority Hindus might not vote her and would go for extreme Hindu Right-wing BJP.

Majilis Ittehadul Muslimin head Asaduddin Owaisi went to a Masjid in Jhanghipur and  met Peer Zadha Abbas Siique, which started new doubts whether both would compete together or they cooperate, whichever will be their step together, ultimately, as a result, the higher loss is for Mamatha Banerjee.  Their meeting went on for more than a One and Half hours.

MIM also has 5-6 MLA seats in Purnia, Katia and Kishangunj etc. So Asaduddin Owaisi’s meeting got importance.

The Brave Mamatha Benerjee has been in tension. She kept the national leaders in tension in many times but now she has been in the trouble and due to the clear vote diversion from them. She has been persuading with Peer Zadha Abbas Siddiqui.

In a recent media briefing, Asaduddin Owaisi raised his voice against Mamatha Benerjee also. So, the politics in West Bengal has become very interesting and unpredictable, hence become a thriller to the observers.  The political critics also called it a meeting of BJP B team and Moulvi, here Asaduddin is called as the “B” team of BJP by the Congress and other opposition parties.

The only way to get this puzzle solved is, to wait and see the voters’ judgment. 

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