In the recent Bihar elections, after RJD the second biggest party with one seat difference is BJP. In becoming a stronger counterpart, Chirag tried to reduce the power of Nitish on one hand and supported BJP on the other hand. He also cut the votes which have to go to RJD and Congress. Wherever Nitish Kumar’s strong candidate stood, there the strong former BJP leaders who joined LJP could be found! Indirectly or directly, Chirag strategy was to cut the votes. 

BJP and RJD got very good votes, and JDU did not reach the expectations. Chirag kept his seats on stake sometimes to divide the winning votes from JDU and RJD and Congress lost many seats. Congress got only 19 seats out of 70. Chirag Pashwan’s role is there in dividing the votes, which generally go to Congress and Communists. 

A new age Dalit Hindu leader: 
Chirag can be seen as a new age Hindu Dalit leader. He has evolved as a right-wing politician who is ready to go to some extent to favour BJP and Modi. Generally, most of the Dalit leaders are left-wing politicians but, we can see a right-wing Hindu Dalit nationalist in him. In this ideology, we can see a very less number of leaders. It will definitely benefit his career as a politician because it seems he wanted to be evolved as a national leader. 

Surya Kumar Yadav kind of Sacrifice?
In simple understanding his sacrifice is like the Mumbai Indians batsman Surya Kumar Yadav’s sacrifice in the final match of IPL to save Rohith Sharma from run out, the same kind of approach can be seen in staking his seats. 

Former CM Jithandha Manji said that Chirag cut his own branch is that true?
There are many comments from the intellectuals and senior-most leaders that Chirag cut his own branch. The former CM of Bihar, Jithandha Manji said that Chirag cut his own branch. But, he cut Nitish Kumar’s branch. Along with him, he pulled Nitish Kumar down. In this political drama of Bihar, Chirag’s drama turned good for BJP. LJP’s disassociation with NDA due to JD U and Nitish could be a clever game of BJP. However, people have been saying that Bi ” Har :” is for RJD and Bihar for BJP.

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