Recently we celebrated eco-friendly Diwali, and the time has come to celebrate eco-friendly Christmas. Diwali is limited to India and if it is celebrated in other parts of the world it will be limited to a few people and places only. But Christmas is celebrated all over the world! So it has more importance to celebrate eco-friendly Christmas. American and European Christians have initiated Eco-Friendly Christmas.

A few tips to have Eco-Friendly Christmas for the readers:

1. Décor: Have decoration but no plastic decorations. It is better to avoid plastic decoration, which makes a lot of pollution. Avoid plastic in the decorations. At the same time over usage of paper is also not good. Better to use the old decoration items, which are available for years at home.

2. Do not cut trees: When Christmas comes; many pine or Christmas trees are uprooted and taken to homes for the decorations. This is a bad practice. God never tells us to consume nature. He asks to be part of it. So, it is a better idea to not to cut any trees. At the same time, the plastic tree is also not to be encouraged. Americans cut down 15,094,678 Christmas trees in 2017, according to the most recent year of data from the U.S. Agriculture Department. Growing all those trees requires about 19.7 square miles of land. That much ground would cover about 50% of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., or 86% of Manhattan. Not only in the US but also in India and Asian countries also cutting trees has become common for Christmas purpose. It is better to avoid cutting trees for the sake of the environment.

3. Eco-friendly candles please: The normal candles are not good. We should have eco-friendly candles. Paraffin is made from fossil fuels, which are themselves unsustainable, but they’re also bad for your health and your home. Paraffin candles release a plume of carcinogenic materials into the air whenever they’re lit and can leave soot damage behind even with a properly trimmed wick. The Eco-Friendly candles are available in the market. For example, Soy wax candles are available. It is better to celebrate with them.

4. COVID 19 pandemic has not ended: We should be careful. At Christmas, people go to Churches, and at this time of the pandemic, and the new mutant virus is also discovered by the scientists in the UK, it is better to confine to homes. In many countries and even in India the mass gatherings are not allowed. One should abide by the rules for the protection of our country.

These are a few points to remember on Christmas day. We should have these important points in our mind while celebrating any festival. 

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