The farmers said that the losses they had faced, and the instalment the government paid was 2000 rupees would not be sufficient for their losses. “In our village, there are small and marginal farmers with half acre to 5-acre land mostly. I also have half acre land out of which I get around 10 quintals paddy as on an average from one acre we get 20 quintals paddy yield here but from local trader we get only Rs 900 to Rs 1000 per quintal and when we take our crop to Gulab Bagh mandi, one of the biggest mandis in Bihar, where traders from Punjab come and procure our crop at the rate of 1,200 to 13,00 per quintal and then they bring that to Punjab via trains and trucks and sell in Punjab’s mandis at full MPS Rs 1,888 per quintal,” said Parkash Bihari, a farmer and labour contractor.

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