From a few days, Farooq Abdullah has been speaking to revive article 370. On the other hand, India abrogated article 370 last year. As per the historical records, Dr BR Ambedhkar also stood against this act, due to former PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s pressure, he added to the constitution. He mentioned that it was revocable. Based on that, the Indian government had abrogated this article.

The instrument of accession:
The instrument of Accession was introduced in 1935 and used in 1947. 565 princely states became part of India. Pakistan also used the same legal document to make the other princely states which had agreed to join them. The princely state of Jammu and Kashmir thought of being independent by not joining into India or Pakistan. Disrespecting King Hari Sing’s decision, Pakistan started invading Jammu and Kashmir. Raja Harisingh immediately came to Delhi and signed the accession form and requested to save his state from intruders. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sri Sardar Vallabhai Patel sent the Indian Army and saved the state, unfortunately, Sri Nehru the former PM, requested the help of UNO, from that, time onwards, huge land of India (Jammu and Kashmir) was under the control and India could not move forward due to UNO’s suggestion to maintain the status quo.

Why Article 370 and 35A:
Sri Jawaharlal Nehru asked the constitution-makers especially Dr BR Ambedkar to add an article which gives special rights to Kashmiris. A few political analysts say that he was under the pressure of Mount Baton couple and according to their advice, he made the article 370. However,  the other north-eastern states also have some special provisions and taxes are very less for the “Seven Sisters” states. But the princely states’ had agreed to the accession of India.

What is Article 370:
It provides special rights to J & K people. And the outsiders of Jammu and Kashmir couldn’t buy the property and they used to get sufficient funds from central government. Most importantly they had separate flag and constitution. The Indian government could take care of only foreign affairs, border security and communication. Apart from these, the rest of the constitutional power lied in the hands of local state government.
As per Article  370 and 35 A, there were strange rules which allowed even Pakistan citizen could be offered the Jammu and Kashmir citizenship.

Abrogation of Article 370 and 35A:
In the year 2019 August 5th, there was a silent observed from China and Pakistan due to shock. India removed article 370 and 35A. Pakistan and its supporters like Turkey, China and Malaysia spoke against the abrogation of this in UN but India said it was completely an internal matter.

 Indian government’s raids on political leaders and separatists:
Later Indian special forces like NIA made raids. Raids were carried out at top separatist leaders namely Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mohammad Ashraf Khan, Masarat Alam, Zaffar Akbar Bhat, and Naseem Geelani. NIA teams were aided by CRPF and Jammu & Kashmir Police personnel while carrying out the raid. Much electronic equipment including an antenna to speak on the hotline with Pakistan also found. Bank slips were found which had no proper accounts. And incriminating material also found. Immediately, all of them were taken into custody.

Usage of 4G and  3G was banned:
Usage of 4G and 3G was banned because there was a chance to spread violence. The anti-social elements operated previously using the internet so the services were stopped.

China’s worry:
China has been worrying after the abrogation of article 370 because China Pakistan Economic corridor runs in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Why Farooq Abdullah pained by the abrogation?
Many leaders got illegal money from outside the country and the leaders of Kashmir got the votes from Kashmiris based on provocative speeches. Due to special status, the leaders were benefitted, but the common man in Jammu and Kashmir remained the same and a few politicians gave money to pelt stones on Indian Army. Even, Pakistan’s terror funding worked well. But now, the central government has been taking care of the entire region because this region is given the status of Union Territory. Farooq Abdullah has been trying to make some political benefit again by bringing back the topic of article 370, which is dead and cremated. His comments about seeking help from China to reinstate is against the sovereignty of India.

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