Floods in Hyderabad started humbly with rains at the beginning, later, the downpouring started which led to the loss of lives of many. The flood of drainage and Musi started engulfing the entire city especially, the low lying places. The places of the rich find, but the problem is with the middle class and the poor. Most of the people already suffering from the low economic growth and losing jobs due to COVID 19, in this critical condition, after the unlock 5, people slowly picking up their economies but the floods and rains turned down the idea of working on earning a common man.

The flood devastation:
The flood started engulfing the streets, and the government officials had not responded properly according to a lady who questioned the Uppal MLA. She said that she had called the government officials numerous times. Not only she many of the citizens had called the officials, but the response was not immediate. The floods covered the low lying areas,  and the wet walls collapsed and a few people were dead. Much property loss is observed.

The important reasons:
The important reason behind the floods of the Musi river in Hyderabad is due to illegal occupation. Musi river was bigger about 30 years ago. Afterward, the rivers and tanks were being occupied. The beautiful orchards are converted into a concrete jungle. The groundwater level is insufficient and the Tanks and ponds are slowly disappearing. The Musi river in many places of Hyderabad turned into a small sewage water drainage.

Is it so important to have tanks and Orchards?
Yes, it is very much important to have a discussion on the illegally occupied places by many politicians and other people. If the Orchards are cut down, the soil erosion happens and the water can’t reach the ground, which is the cause of water scarcity. The tanks and rivers are also very important to maintain the water levels in the ground.

Why has the illegal occupation taken place?
The reasons behind the illegal occupations are due to the dense population in Hyderabad. And the reason behind overpopulation is due to the crack of the village economy by the government’s economic policies. If the villages are self-sufficient, the people may not come to the metropolitan cities.

What should be done?
It’s a complex and entangled issue which is linked with the vocation and should try a bigger one like Cauvery Calling for Musi river.

Addressing employment:
The decentralized economy should be there, for that, the shift of a few companies to other cities should be there. And infrastructure should be built in other cities also to attract the capitalists.

Rejuvenating the river Musi, Tanks and orchards:
As said, there should be more than, Cauvery calling should happen and Illegal constructions should be taken down in the Tanks and River beds.

The above solution may take a long time, but that is the only way to save the Hyderabad kind of city. We can see the Chennai floods and Mumbai floods recently for instance, which teaches lessons to future generations.

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