India lived very close to medicine and healthy habits. After the modern and westernizing, India lost its beauty of healthy living.

The Ayurveda books and medicines in every house:
The Ayurvedic books and medicines were there in every home and they followed the system of Ayurveda. There were no extreme health problems at the time before the arrival of Europeans.

They used to refer to the books for their medical conditions. There were no severe problems at some time.

There was Basava Rajiyam, Vaidya Chinthamani etc were there. The family heads and the village Vaidyas used to treat ailments.

There were the grandfathers who used to treat digestive problems with simple Kasthuri tablets.  

After industrialization, we can see the extreme epidemic. At the time of the British Raj in India, we can see the plague disease. Before that, there was no such epidemic.

Hygienic conditions:
There were good hygienic conditions. The most probable reason for any diseases are being unhygienic. The bathrooms and lavatories are away from the houses.

The good water availability:
The water from wells was the beauty in those days before the arrival of the Europeans. The water from the underground was pure and clean. The wells used to ooze the good water and collect the water during the rain. The modernization wiped the wells.

Yoga Vasishtam which told about the Covid:
The Yoga vasishtam told about a disease which is nearly like coivd. As per the description of Yoga Vasistham, the Visoochika demon matches COVID. As per the description, it started above the northwest part of the Himalayas, which matches present China. Another explanation matches that, the disease could be spread through air, unhygienic conditions the fingers, dirty clothes, living in unhygienic conditions as well. The tiny DNA helical nature of the virus is also explained in this Yoga Vasishtam.

Daily yoga:
There used to wake up early and used to do yoga. The yoga in the early morning makes the people gain the D vitamin.

Good food habits:
The then time had good food habits as well. The stale or untimely food was never allowed. In fact, the kitchens used to be treated as worshipping places. In India, a few types of meat are prohibited and as per the Ayurveda, they were never allowed in society.

No food was a business in the past:
In India sales of food and sales of water was never encouraged, which set the discipline in food and water quality. The medicine and education were also not commercial.

The healthy living and the hygienic conditions were in lifestyle but later, they were systematically broken by the European forces and especially British imperialism. 

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