The Denmark far right-wing politician, Paludan tried to enter Denmark and planned to go for a march in a southern city of Sweden, Malmo. He was not allowed to enter the country by its government. A supporter of Paludan, in Malmo city, burnt a copy of the Quran which was the cause of riots. A small spark made the beginning of riots in the city. Malmo city has a big number of Muslim migrants. Later there were riots in the peaceful city of Malmo. A small ignition led to big violent riots, which were controlled by the armed forces of Sweden.

Is blasphemy should be addressed in a violent way?
Disrespecting any religious book is not at all accepted because many believers consider it as a holy book and the direct words of God. Holy Quran should be respected by non-Muslims also at least it should not be disrespected. Protesting such heinous acts of disrespecting a religious book by a person or a party is appreciated, but afterward taking it to the violent level is equally atrocious. If any blasphemy comments or related actions take place, it is better to go according to the law of that land and should take legal action against the blasphemy on the name of free speech.

    Why does violence take place in the name of religion?
Any religion teaches peace and harmony. The religious books describe a few principles of it in a metaphorical way. Unfortunately, the followers take it directly, which results in the eruption of violent riots. In a few religions, according to religious principles, a few rules are set. For example, idol worshipping is prohibited and metaphorically in a few religious books, it says that “idols should be taken out “it means that, the followers should not believe in the form of god and the followers should take out the worshipping god with a from in their mind and worship the formless god. It does not mean that one should hate the polytheists and take out idols from the temples. The belief system should confine to a person’s home or their worshipping place.

 Due to taking the words of religious books directly, the violence and the unseen barriers started taking place in between the people. All the religious books say that the laws of the land should be followed, but it is tough to follow, so on naming it blasphemy or the other, people violate the law of the land. For example, as a human being one should not disrespect the other religious scriptures and questioning should start from our own religion, but one political leader in Denmark, disrespected and the activist in that political ideology, burnt the copy of religious scripture in a desecrated way. The other group formed a mob and vandalized the government and private property.  The ideological differences should be answered in the same way, not in a violent way.  The Holy Quran said that one should respect the laws and their motherland, or the land which gave the shelter to them, but the mob vandalized the public and private property. Which is against the “Holy Quran”. Disrespecting and hating others is against the” Holy Bible”. The far right-wing ideological activists actually disrespected the “ Holy Bible “ and the refugees and people who stood against this far right-wing ideology disrespected the “Holy Quran”. People should not fall under the influence of the provocative statements and some foolish religious preachers. They should think logically and rationally and take steps against the conspirators or anyone.

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