India’s COVID cases and the curve of COVID has come down but, India still has not got the herd immunity according to the Epidemiologists. Still, we need to wait for such a stage. And this is a doubt if we could reach that or not.

What is Herd Immunity?
Herd immunity is when a high enough proportion of the population is vaccinated against a disease or has been infected with a disease and developed antibodies against it. Anyone infected person will then have the opportunity to infect lesser susceptible people, thus halting the spread.

What about surveys and what they tell?
A few firms did the surveys which tell us that, the patients have exposed to the infection but this virus exposure did not turn to be herd immunity. Delhi had shown extreme exposure to the virus infection. If the cases of COVID are increasing then they should develop herd immunity but, this feature is shown very little.

There is an organization called Sero, also almost telling the same. We can see how it impacted Delhi city.

On this, Director of AIIMS, Dr Rundeep Guleria said “In the sero survey done, it appeared that 50-60% of the population had developed antibodies. By that logic, it could have been said that the population has developed herd immunity, but that clearly isn’t the case,”

As per the Sero survey, more than 21% of the Indian adults had been exposed to the COVID 19.

“Herd immunity is an elusive concept as of now. Most countries have seen multiples waves, some even 3 or 4 waves. What we need to ensure is that we have the battle-ready workforce that can mount its response whenever there is a wave affecting the country. Vaccination is the only weapon and we should not assume that people will get herd immunity after infection,” said Professor Giridhar Babu, Epidemiologist, Public Health Foundation of India.

Why no reliance on herd immunity question?
The virus has changed its form after the mutation. B.1.617.2 variant and the variants which are identified in South Africa and the UK are examples of how they are changing genetically. So, it has been becoming hard to expect herd immunity in India as of now.

However, a few people are suggesting taking the Covid 19 vaccine to safeguard themselves, even after taking the vaccines, like wearing masks and sanitizing. 

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