Why is Hindi day celebrated?
14th September is the birth anniversary of Beohar Rajendra Simha, who toiled to make Hindi as an official language of India. His efforts to make the Hindi language are unforgettable, so this day is celebrated as Hindi Day.

Why Hindi was taken as national language:
Hindi is lingua franca, most of the northern states are Hindi speaking states and when it comes to people of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bengal, Orissa, etc. also, easily understand the Hindi language.

How Hindi originated:
Most of the North Indian languages are derived from Sanskrit and in the same manner, Hindi also originated from Sanskrit.
From Sanskrit, the simple language without many rules but similar to Sanskrit originated called Prakruth. From Prakrit, the language called Apabhramsa originated.

From Apabrahms, language Apabrasht or Avahat originated. From the language What to Dingal, Pingal and Hindi originated. And finally from Hindivi, Hindi derived. Many dialects developed in Hindi and spread all across.

Why Hindi called as Hindi:
Because the land was called Hindu land, from that word Hindi originated.

Is it good to hate Hindi?
In order to respect the local or regional language, we should not disrespect and insult another language.

Why hating Hindi started:
Hating Hindi in some parts of Tamil Nadu is there, it all started with the Dravidian party’s movement, which strongly believed in Aryan and Dravidian theory. Aryan Invasion or Expansion theory was debunked by many historians and the linguist scientists should reconsider the research of the language in India.

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