Though the outrage from one community was experienced, the determined Assam government has closed the Madaras and Sanskrit schools, which have run with the sponsorship of the state government.

Why are the Madrasas closed in Assam?
In Assam which has been vulnerable to illegal immigration from Bangladesh, has closed and converted the Madarasas into normal schools. It has been appreciated by many. Because India is a secular country, where the madrasas or Vedic schools or theological schools of bibles or any kind of religious schools, should not be encouraged by government funding.

Why are Sanskrit tools/schools closed?
Sanskrit is a language and Sanskrit schools or tools can’t be called theological schools like Vedic schools or Madrasas. Sanskrit is a very important language in the Indian subcontinent and to understand ancient texts and inscriptions. To understand the rich culture of India, it is important to keep the Sanskrit schools on.

Are culture and religion the same?
No, culture and religion are different. We can’t call Sanskrit a religious part.

Why are some minority religious schools and schemes not funded?
Minority schools and schemes by a few state governments have been funded. This is against the basic structure of the Indian Constitution. There is an endowment department which is a government department and all the famous temples come under that department. The revenues have been managed and the taxes have been paid by the temples. When it comes to the other religious worship places, there is no endowment department and no or fewer taxes are applicable. This biased treatment is condemnable. So, in a tax form, one religious place’s income has been used for the other religious people’s schemes for their theological benefits.

Example, State Governments like Andhra Pradesh have been providing monetary help to Macca and Jerusalem pilgrimage and for the honorary salaries to Christian and Hindu priests and Mullas.

Many Hindu societies have been demanding redemption from the Endowment department as the governments have been crossing its line to attract the votes from minority voters by providing this kind of monetary help.  The governments of states have also been selling the lands of temples to run their different schemes.

What can be learned from Sanskrit?
We can read and learn many sciences example:

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient religions in the world, which should be respected and learned to keep up the culture and heritage. Kautilya’s  Arthasastra, Charaka Samhitha, Susrutha Samhitha, Bharadwaja’s Vimana Shastra, and innumerable books can be read!

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