History has witnessed the cruelty of Aurangzeb the cruel and tyrant ruler of Mughals. He was cruel and inhuman. He killed many and he destroyed the temples.

For example, he destroyed Kashi temple in 1669 and Madhura Sri Krishna temple in 1670.

He ordered to impose taxes for being Hindus and he imposed zero taxes to Muslims and Muslims were enrolled in the government jobs. Aurangzeb was fanatic about his religion.

Aurangzeb ordered the Kashmir King Afghan Khan to convert the Kashmir Pandits to Islam. The atrocities were unexplainable in a few places. The same atrocities can be observed during the rule of Tippu Sultan. The right-wing or left-wing, the facts can’t be changed from history. Being realistic and adhering to the truth, history should be reached to the public.

The danger from King Afghan Khan, the cruel ruler and subject of Aurangzeb, was about to convert the Kashmir Pandits, by that, time, about 500 Kashmir Pandits under the leadership of Pandit Krupa Rai reached Guru Tegh Bahadur and explained how they were trying to kill if not changed the religion. Guru Tegh Bahadur told him to use his name to protect themselves. The Kashmiri Pandits challenged the Mughal Army to convert Guru Tegh Bahadur, the challenge was accepted by the Mughal emperor.

Aurangzeb’s army reached Guru Tegh’s residence and took him along with his three disciples.

He was asked to convert and Guru Tegh rejected to convert. It brought Aurangjeb’s anger and pronounced death sentence to him and his three disciples.

In front of Guru Tegh Bahadhur, his three disciples were pushed into the boiling oil, another person was set on fire by covering him with cotton mattresses. Another disciple was vertically cut, but Guru Tegh Bahadhur did not show any emotions. He was deeply meditating. After that, he was taken to Chandini Chowk and he asked the soldier to wait until he finished the hymns. After finishing chanting hymns, his head was cut by the soldier. His head was brought back by fighting with the Mughals by his followers and built Shish Ganj Gurudwara and another disciple ran holding his body and due to chasing Mughal army, he burnt his house and Guru Tegh body was put on fire as per the Hindu rituals. On the mortal remains later, Rakab Ganj Gurudwara was built.

This month every year is very special for the Sikhs. The death anniversary of Guru Tegh Bahadhur is remembered by all Sikh brothers in India.

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