India has slammed Pakistan for its hypocrisy in the united Nations.  India urged the UNO to not to take sides when it is to protect and safeguard the religious sites across the world in today’s time. At the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations, India said that, it was an irony that, Pakistan had been co sponsoring the resolution on promoting culture and safeguarding the religious sites. India, at the Adoption of Resolution on promoting culture of peace & tolerance to safeguard religious sites, at the United Nations, said, “In world of growing terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization and intolerance, religious sites and cultural heritage sites remain vulnerable to terror acts and destruction.” India took the reference of Budha statue in Bamyan in Afghanistan which was vandalized by the fundamentalists and reminded the examples of Sikh Gurudwara which was bombed and 25 sikhs were killed and referred about the recent mob attack on a temple who set fire on it in December 2020 in a city Karak in Pakistan. India also said that, the rights of minorities had been emasculating.

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