The Indian government banned 118 mobile applications. The most famous game Pub G is also included in that. The banning of the apps started in the month of June after the incident of 20 soldiers’ martyrdom in the valley of Galwan.

When and what was the government order?
On June 15th, 2020 Our 20 soldiers were martyred in the Galwan valley. After that, India banned 59 mobile applications that were operating from China. IT and Communications ministry said that the ban was for safety and security, defense, sovereignty and to protect data and privacy and people of India. Tik Talk, UC browser, cam scanner, etc. are banned.

The second wave of banning:
After hardly a month, the Indian government banned another 47 applications which were clones of the apps already prohibited by that time. It banned apps like Tik talk lite, which is the cloned version of Tik Tok.
A total of 275 apps are there and 40% of profit of those apps is from India only.

China’s double standard exposed:
After a few days, on 29th / 30th August 2020, India reported that there was an insurgency of China into Indian borders and the provocative movements of China also observed. External Affairs Ministry’s spokesperson said that China had violated the previously agreed understanding and had engaged in provocative military maneuvers on 29th August and 30th August in an attempt to change the status quo.

The third wave of banning more China apps:
India, again banned a few more apps, this time it included Pub G. Which is a famous gaming app in India and also a major contributor of user data to the China government. India wanted to protect the data and would like to give a strong message to China, to stop provocative actions through the banning of China apps.

Pub G, one of the major user data providers to China:
Pub G takes the data and gives it to the Chinese government. Tencent is a China MNC, which developed the mobile Pub G version, whereas the desktop version was developed by a South Korean company and one of the founders of Tencent is part of the communist party of China.

The Agreement between China and its companies:
China has an agreement with its countries’ companies regarding the sharing of the data from their servers, because of that, the information not only being used by the companies but the companies have been sharing the data of its users to the Chinese government.  Apple, Google, etc. use the data of its users to provide suitable advertisements but they aren’t ready to give the data to the third party from them, let it be the government. Once I asked for the data of Apple I Phone’s users, but Apple Inc. refused the request of providing the information.

The reasons for securing our data:
China is not a democratic country, it is a totalitarian government and communist country, where every information should be shared by citizens or companies. In normal times when the conditions are under control, we should not share the information. Now, in the Indo China border, there is a war-like situation. At this point in time, if the data is openly available, China may cyber-attack India.
India has been strongly countering the countries and very much concerned about the sovereignty of it. It took strong action against Pakistan when there were attacks on India by the terrorists from the territory of Pakistan. The same aggressive nature is being continued by our nation, which is necessary to protect our boundaries.

What can we do?
Being Indians it’s our prime duty to protect India’s sovereignty. We may not be eligible to go to the border but we should minimize our army by avoiding China apps or we should reduce using the China-made things, which reduces the revenue China gets, through that, we can send signals to China that we are supporting Indian government.

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