Purushotham is an associate professor of Chemistry from Government Degree College in Madanapalle, while Padmaja is a Gold Medallist in MSc Mathematics and is also the correspondent of Masterminds IIT Talent School in Chittoor. This well-educated couple believed that they had special powers and killed their daughters due to superstitions. The younger daughter claimed that she had been watching ghosts. Two days ago, when there was misfortunate struck, the younger daughter shouted and said that she had been watching a ghost and the elder daughter of the couple killed her by hitting her with a dumbbell. After that, the elder daughter said to her mother to kill her, so that, she could bring the soul of her sister. The mother did as said and somehow, police came to know about this incident. When the police went, they had noticed that, some “Vamachara Poojas” were being carried by the couple. They recovered CCTV footages and arrested the couple.  After some time the husband had come to normal. But the lady was still in the trance that, she had supernatural powers.  The CCTV has wizards who came to their home. The CCTV footage was not released by the police and the investigation is on. The deceased have been identified as Alekya (27) who was a post-graduate student of the Indian Institute of Forest Management and Sai Divya (22) who was a BBA graduate pursuing a career in music, police said

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