From a few years, has intolerance been rising against Hindus? This has been bothering the majority of the Hindu community who are peace-loving people!! In recent times, there was an attack in Bangalore and even in Telugu states. The growing intolerance has been witnessed by people. A few months ago, in Bhainsa, Telangana had seen a violent mob attack against the Hindu community, idols of Hindu gods were vandalized in Pithapuram, East Godavari District by a non-Indic religion follower, in Lord Venkateswara temple, Nellor, a chariot, which was used for the service of Lord Venkateswara, (incarnation of Lord Vishnu the almighty) was burnt by a non-Indic religious person, on 6th of September 2020, the 65 years old chariot of Lord Narasimha Swamy in Antarvedi was also burnt. Why is this intolerance? What are the reasons?

Non-Indic religions:
Non-Indic religions have been in India for a long time. The Non-Indic religions do not believe in idol worshipping and their origin happened from different countries and conditions. A few rules of Non – Indic religions are contrary to the Indic religions. That made the non-Indic religious preachers hate the Hindu religion, which is the main Indic religion. The non-Indic religions teach not to worship the idol and there is no polytheism. Two thousand to one thousand years ago, the society in other parts of the world was different and their land and political conditions were also completely different. As per time, and place the rules should be channelized. All the religions in the world preached peace and harmony but a few followers and preachers’ interpretations have been wrongly taken. If the idol is not worshipped, it means to worship the formless God, not to vandalize the idols of idol worshippers. According to another religion, one should not give preference to one’s beauty by beautifying themselves. But, a few people use the makeup kits but they make puns and socially try to bully the people who wear a bindi. This is hypocrisy.

Pakistan Conspiracy and propagation:
Most of the reasons for hating one religion has been becoming a political agenda.  The Pakistan sponsored terrorism comes in this. Pakistan has been trying to attack India, through the religious aspect. In the conventional war or in the development, Pakistan is way behind India. To hinder India’s development, Pakistan has selected a way of dividing one religious group from India and trying to make it weak. Unfortunately, a few people have been becoming the puppets in the hands of the enemy country by being members of terrorist groups. In recent times, in Delhi, a terrorist was captured and many confrontations have been happening in Jammu and Kashmir between Indian forces and terrorists. The pathetic truth is, most of the terrorists are Indians. Sometimes, to divide them from India, they have been using religious preachers, who have been propagating the orthodox and rigid rules of their religion, which shows no tolerance against the other religions. They give utmost importance to convert people to their religion, it’s better to not to convert anyone. Because of a preacher’s preaching, a few terrorists motivated and made attacks by bombing civilians in Sri Lanka, and in Bangladesh, a few terrorists killed common people and Hindus by identifying them.

Trying to form religious imperialism:
Another group of preachers, whose Non-Indic religion, clearly opposes the Indic religions, trying to have their imperialistic ruling over India. They have been trying to bring imperialism by converting the innocent village people and they have been using the victim card of oppressed castes. India is a country, where all religions should be there and respected with tolerance and friendship, but, to convert, they have been abusing the Indic religions and the worshipping methods. These have been making religious intolerance. The hatred has slowly reached the common man in India.

China’s conspiracy?
The left ideological fight in India may be a China sponsored and inspired intolerance. China is a communist country and the left parties are direct supporters of China. A few nationalist journalists say that some of the Indian parties have been getting the financial and moral support from China.

Palghar Mob lynching – The left ideology’s contribution to dividing people?
Palghar mob lynching which has not attracted the majority of media houses may be an example of the left ideological propaganda. According to a few people who have been observing the societal changes, they said that the Palghar mob lynching, where two sanyasis and one driver were lynched and died, was due to the hatred of the Hindu religion, which was encouraged by the left ideology. The proper and humanitarian ideology promotes life and lets live kind of philosophy but raising intolerance has brought hatred against the Hindu majority.

A few Hindu extremists:
A few incidents made some of the intolerant Hindu extremists, to attack the people who made the derogatory comments on the Hindu religion. For example, the murder of left ideologist and journalist Ms. Gowri Lankesh.

The different ideologies have been trying to polarise people India to different directions.

Foreign journalists’ intolerant editorials:
A few foreign journalists who belong to particular ideologies have been writing the editorials against the Hindu religion and they have been projecting India to the world as an intolerant one. Some of them do not like the right-wing ideology, and now in India, the government has been formed by the right-wing party. If they do not like a political party, they have the right to speak against it, but, to project the right ideology as an evil, they have been projecting the Hindu community as an intolerant society. In fact, the Hindu community is a very tolerant and peace-loving community and they believe that the other religions are different ways to reach god.

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