Amir Khan’s controversial meeting with the first lady of Turkey made the news viral. Amir Khan went to Turkey for a film (Lal Singh Chaddha) to be shot which is inspired by another film” Forrest Gump”. Due to lockdown in India, the crew did not get permission to shoot the film in India. However, they got permission to have shot in Turkey. The team was about to wrap up the shooting and before wrapping it up Amir Khan met the first lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan.

Is Turkey a Secular state: Yes, Turkey is a secular country the majority religion is Islam with nearly 99 percent. The other religion is Christianity.

How India’s relations with Turkey are: India has unhealthy relations with Turkey. Turkey has been intervening in the internal matters of India. Turkey spoke against India when the article 370 abrogated. They deliberately supported Pakistan, where Osama Bin Laden kind of terrorists take shelter with VIP treatment. There is news that is being circulated that Turkey has been sponsoring anti-India powers. Turkey spoke against India even in the United Nations. When there was CAA in India, Turkey also intervened.

Turkey’s femicides: In Turkey, femicide is not uncommon. There was a girl who was murdered only due to jealousy. She was a student of 27 years old. Many femicide incidents happened in Turkey. There are people who are intolerant about women can be seen here.

Hagia Sophia Museum changed as a Mosque: There is a museum which was originally a cathedral. Later on, it was demolished and made as a Mosque during the rule of Ottoman. However, it was converted to a museum in 1934 and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Recently, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the museum would be converted to a Mosque.

Unfortunately, Amir Khan can see the intolerance in India. Reality is intolerance can be seen randomly but not particularly in nature. There are very few intolerant incidents. When the Kashmiri Hindus exodus happened, no comments were made by any famous actor or even Amir Khan did not speak about that. However, that is irrelevant to this topic.

Amir Khan sees intolerance in India and tolerance in Turkey: Amir Khan is a famous Bollywood star. He is world-famous. He commented a few years ago that India was an intolerant country. He said he was alarmed and said his wife suggested moving out of the country in 2015 November.

The trouble of Turkey around Amir Khan: On the other hand India and Turkey have no good relations. Amir Khan went to Turkey and met the first lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan. This raised the anger of Indians. Many people are saying that by being Indian how could he visit and meet Turkey’s, first lady. According to the local media of Turkey, it happened at the request of Amir Khan.

What may occur: He is the most influencing actor in India. He could even influence a section of people in India. This may lead to polarising people. The problem is, he met the first lady which, the Turkish government is against the decisions of the India government and Turkey has been supporting our enemy, Pakistan. He should have thought that, before meeting her.

Motherland, above all: He should think that country is above all. People say that stereotype dialogue means that actors have no country but an artist belongs to a certain country. When it comes to the country, fine arts can be enjoyed later but first is its sovereignty should be protected. Amir Khan Kind of popular actors and influencers should not have met the first lady of Turkey.

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