If we take the world politics, all the world has a different way of politicizing and India has different. Indian people are intellectuals in electing their leaders.

In recent times, the BJP led Central government approved three farm bills and enacted them. Many have been appreciating and some parties have not been appreciating. The reasons for being against are as usual not given by the opposition legitimately.

The controversy started when the series of events took place. First, the ally of NDA, Shiromani Akali Dal came out and started its protest. Later, YSRCP chief and CM of AP, Jagan Mohan Reddy met the PM twice and supported the three bills passed by the NDA government.

Why controversy:
The rumors surfaced on the internet saying that YSRCP might have joined hands with BJP to be part of NDA but, later, BJP refuted the rumors.

Is it new to BJP?
Many political analysts say that, despite TDP’s aliens with BJP, the BJP party had seen at YSRCP and securely maintained the relations with YSRCP. At one time it irked the TDP leader Sri Chandra Babu Naidu. It irked so much that he stopped supporting BJP and had withdrawn aliens from NDA. Rapidly YSRCP came closer to BJP however, it did not go for a long time.

 This resulted in TDP’s support to Congress. TDP’s origin itself was against congress in AP state, and the aliens with congress were not liked by the majority in AP. The political analysts say that one of the biggest reasons for the defeat of TDP was supporting congress which was decisive in bifurcating the state.

After elections, BJP started a new alliance with film star cum politician Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party.

Is BJP really maintaining equal distance?
BJP said that it had been maintaining equal distance with the TDP and YSRCP, but it doesn’t maintain an equal distance with both parties. The BJP has been still maintaining close relationships with YSRCP.

Is it morally the right move to do so?
It isn’t the right move. According to a few Hindu rights activists like Karunakar Sugguna, Lalith Kumar, Sri Paripoornananda, etc. YSRCP has been so partial to one Non-Indic religion. During the YSRCP rule, the demolitions and attacks on temples in AP have been increased. BJP is a Hindu Nationalist Party, and it should question strongly about the attacks on temples.

However, no one knows who will become friends in political games. BJP may invite any party for an alliance.  There was a rumor that TDP may have an alliance again but nothing can be expected as the Political league may take any turn like cricket. In cricket catches win matches and in this, political matches win elections.

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