In recent times when we look at the police in different states, we may be afraid about complaining!! A former naval officer complained about political party workers, who assaulted him brutally! Strangely, they filed a complaint against that former naval officer!!

Are police biased?
Recent cases in Mumbai, give this kind of doubt to the people. If we have taken the example of Sushanth Singh Rajput, the police acted biased and did not allow the Bihar police. There is a big question why? Why did they behave like that? Who is being protected? It should be answered by the inquiries of Central government agencies. A police officer who came from Bihar for the inquiry was sent to quarantine, and some journalists in Sushanth Singh Rajput’s case accused that the evidence was erased.

An actress filed a complaint against a star director saying that she was raped. She was called many times to record her statement and to be questioned by the Police but had not called the Star Director to record his statement. The lawyer of that actress questioned if it would be like that, in case of a rickshaw puller or a driver? He also said that the poor man may be kept in the lock-up and the police may beat him. When the anonymous public was asked the same question, they said it was all about rich and political influence and poor.

Many incidents are there, where police tried to fabricate a case on others, to close the case. For example Ayesha Meera, A B Pharma student who was murdered in a hostel in Andhra Pradesh. In this case, several people were arrested and released. Finally, police arrested a young partially handicapped person. He was tortured and made to agree that he was the person who raped and murdered her. His name is Satyam Babu. Later the High Court of Andhra Pradesh found him not guilty and exonerated him. In this case, even Ayesha Meera’s parents also asked for the release of Satyam Babu and asked for the arrest of Koneru Satish, who is the grandson of Koneru Ranga Rao a former minister. However, the evidence was erased, by that time, when a police officer was digging the truth, he was transferred. Now no one knows the truth!! The High Court ordered the culprits in this case. This case is more than 10 years old.

In Salman Khan’s hit and run, the case was justice delivered?
It is another example of how the culprits easily escape. The police constable Ravindra Patil, who gave the evidence against Salaman Khan, lost himself unnoticed by the public and media. No one talks about him, why he had to leave his place and job, and why he had to die almost on-road??

Are A few government officials from a few departments selling themselves?
The swift action against Kangana Ranaut brings these questions. Her building was partially demolished with one-day prior notice. Political parties are successful in generating fear in government agencies, especially in the Indian States!!

How can it be set right?
1. The citizens should have the right to question and the protection to those should be provided by the government by default.
2. Complete revamping of the Indian Penal is required.
3. In basic education, students should be educated in moral values.
4. The citizens of India should get confidence in the police system for that, they should act unbiased without the influence of the political or rich.

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