India’s one of the best PMs and rarest person’s birth anniversary is October 2nd. Shri Lal Bahadur Sasthri was a great leader who was simple with higher thoughts. He was a person with great principles and moral values.

Shri Lal Bahadur Sashtri was born on October 2nd, 1904 in a poor family. His father was a teacher and later moved to Allahabad and worked in a revenue office. His father’s name was Saradha Prasad and his mother’s name was Ram Dhulari Devi. His father passed away when Sasthri Ji was very young. His mother was the breadwinner of his family. However, they were in acute poverty.
When Sasthri was very young, to go to school he had to cross the river, and he had to pay money to the boat keeper who helped him to cross the river. It was a small amount to pay for it. However, he had no money so he swam and crossed the river many times. That was his dedication to getting educated.

1920 to 1942:
During his studies, the non-cooperation movement was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi, so he participated in the year 1920 in August month. He was kept in Jail for a short time. He had to stop his studies. After his release, he started studying in Kashi Vidyapeeth. He studied for a degree which was called Shastri. From that time, he started calling himself Shastri Ji. He continued his fight against the British rule. He joined Lala Lajpat Rai’s “ Servant of the people society” and continued his fight against the British rule. From 1920 to 1942 he was in the fight against the British.

Post Independence:
Railway Minister:

After independence, he was taken into the union cabinet by Sri Jawaharlal Nehru. He was given the Railway ministry. As a Railway minister, he initiated many changes into Railways. He had taken out 1st class and made 2nd class as 1st class and added general compartments. There was a railway accident somewhere in the country, he had taken the responsibility and resigned the post. He also worked as Home Minister in Pandit Nehru’s cabinet.

Prime Minister:
After the death of Pandit Nehru, he became the Prime Minister in 1964. In the beginning, everyone had not considered him as a strong leader but later, he started implementing strong long-sighted plans for India’s development.

Though being PM, he had never forsaken the principles:
He was the PM but he had never forsaken honesty and sincerity. He was asked to buy a car by their family members and he had taken the Fiat Car on loan from a bank which cost him 12 thousand rupees in those days. The loan wasn’t paid by their family after his death due to no money, so Indira Gandhi waived off the loan for them.

Hail the Farmer (Jai Kisan):
He had implemented policies like the White Revolution, the Green Revolution, and establishing the Food Corporation Of India. He had distributed fine quality seeds to the farmers. He requested the whole of India to observe weekly one-day fasting due to very few food grains. He requested every Indian to do farming, so many Indians took the words of Shastri Ji and started doing farming though they had very few places adjacent to their homes.

Hail the knowledge (Jai Vignan)
He had approached Homi Jahangir Baba the father of Indian Nuclear Science and initiated Nuclear research. India picked up the pace of development in the capable leadership of Shri Shastri Ji. But the unfortunate death of Baba made nuclear development more delayed.

Hail the Solder (Jai Jawan):
In 1965 the Pakistan Army occupied most of the Kashmir. Immediately Army and Air force chiefs gathered at the PM office and explained that Pakistan occupied most of the J&K. Lal Bahadur Sasthri Ji immediately asked to open the international border and asked the Armed forces to occupy Pakistan. On the 25th day of the war, the Indian army occupied Lahore and Sialkot.

International pressures:
The big brother, USA started pressuring India to stop the war against Pakistan and said that it won’t send the food grains to India. India said that it was fine and started importing from Canada, but did not stop the war. Shastriji is not a person to be afraid of if the big brother frowned on India.
Finally, with the intervention of Russia between India and Pakistan, there was a peace agreement to maintain the status quo.

Suspicious death of Shastri Ji:
After the Tashkent peace agreement between both the countries, the suspicious death of Sashtri Ji broke millions of Indian hearts. The death was suspicious because,

A. The body was not autopsied
B.White patches on Sashtri Ji’s body which turned into blue colour, with the cuts on the body
C. Murder’s attempt on Dr. Chugg twice who examined Sri Sasthriji finally killed suspiciously in an accident.
D. Indian nuclear program had to begin but strangely Homi Jahangir Baba was killed in a flight accident 13 days after the death of Sashtri Ji, in a flight crash.
E. There was no bell in Sashtri Ji’s room for an emergency call, his thermos was missing and the phone was not available and no oxygen available in the building where Sasthri Ji stayed in Tashkent.
F. Ex CIA agent, Robert Crowley said in an interview that, the CIA had killed Sasthri Ji and Homi Jahangeer Baba to hinder the development of “Nuclear power”
G. Lalitha Shastri in her book “ Lalitha ki Asolo” said that her husband Sri Shastri Ji was killed by poisoning and she was from a village, due to that, she had proper knowledge that after the death due to poisoning, the body gets into blue color. She also indicated the same.

Due to Sasthri Ji’s death, India had slowed down in progress for many years. India would have been one of the powerful and self-sufficient nations by today if Shastri Ji ruled India for more years.

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