Dr. Kancharla Srikanth, Chairman of Kancharla Foundation said that kancharla Foundation and IBM skills Build had made a collaboration to avail the 7000 top-notch courses, for free of cost,  to Graduates Post Graduates and Engineering graduate as well. The courses are Computer sciences related, data sciences and analytics, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and not only the technical but also the skill development courses are provided, like resume writing. Job-ready skills resume will also be taught.  The skills courses are made by the foundation to bridge the gap between, the industry needs and the aspirants. The Kancharla foundation has been working to up bring the rural people and poor people in India. The main target of the foundation is to give employability skills. After completion of the course, the IBM Skills Build will issue the certificate after completion of the course and the Kancharla Foundation will issue the appreciation certificate. This is an open opportunity to make the certifications which would be an added advantage to the people who aspire to become successful.

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  2. There are few people who always tries to spend their time in developing and encouraging students, Srikanth sir is one among them…
    Happy to be his student…

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