Kunal Kamra the stand up comedian made derogatory comments on Supreme Court and its Judge Chadrachud. The comments were distasteful and crossed the limits of freedom. According to Attorney General Venu Gopal, he said he crossed the line of humour and made distasteful comments on the Supreme Court. Already, a lawyer said that she would take the comments of Kunal Kamra to the Supreme court, before that the Attorney General escalated Kamra’s comments as criminal contempt of court. There is no sense of remorse in Kunal Kamra for his comments. He wrote a letter and said that he would not hire any lawyer neither retract nor apologise for his comments. The netizens have been saying that he should be punished so that any other person would not comment on the Supreme Court. Kamra commented on Justice Chandrachud and Supreme court after granting interim bail to Republic Channel Editor in chief Arnab Goswami.

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