24th May communist Kerala MP wrote letters and in Twitter went trending.
36 islands, 10 islands are for inhabitants and 95% of people are Muslims in the population.
From Lakshadweep 800 Km away, we can find the Maldives.

The controversy started with Praful Patel former Home Minister of Gujarat, he has become the Administrator of Lakshadweep, and within 5 months he drafted a few acts, which went controversial.

The following are those acts.

1. Panchayath regulation 2020:
If a person has more than 2 children they will be disqualified, to participate in the Panchayath elections and by being, member of Panchayath.

But, if they have more than two children before this draft then this condition is not applicable and within one year if they have one more and or more children than they are qualified from being the member of Panchayath.

This law is enforced in many states, like, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana etc.

Another fake news is, the education and animal husbandry could be taken away from Panchayath, but, this is not true, those sections also come under the Panchayath.

2. Animal preservation Regulation: Is it Beef Ban?
This is not a beef ban, if the animal is to be slaughtered then the local authorities should permit the slaughter. And many conditions should be crossed for getting the permission. One of them is Cow, calf bull or bullock should not be slaughtered ( Bos Indicus should not be slaughtered. As per our constitutional 38, the directive principles tell that the states could make their act to ban the slaughtering the (Bos Indicus) cow, calf, bull and bullock. There is no prohibition of slaughtering the Bos Taurus Taurus and Buffalow. Only Bos Indicus is banned.

Mid-day meal controversy:
The meat is taken out of the list of Mid-day meals and the communists stated opposing, and saying that, this is making a complete vegetarian meal. But, a half-truth is there in this. The meat is taken out of the list and added locally available fish and egg in this. Fish and Eggs are not vegetables. Meat has to be exported from the mainland of India that is why the meat is taken out of the list of Mid Day meal. This supply of meat may give chance to corruption as well, in procuring process or in supplying management.

3. Liquor is everywhere in Lakshadweep?
This is another misconception about the news. Actually, permission was given to open liquor in three islands where there is tourist may come. Bangaram island has the access to liquor for many days.

4. Prevention of Anti Social Activities (PASA) or Goonda Act:
This act is for bootleggers, Immoral traffic offenders, cyber offenders, money lending offenders etc comes under this act, who become the anti-social element. As per this new, rule, they can be kept under preventive detention for one year. The same act is there from 1985 in Gujarath, from 1981, the same act was taken into action in 1981, the same act is there in Telugu states and many more states.

The same Congress has enforced this act in different states and the congress is ruling in two states with the same act in Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

In Lakshadweep, the crime rate on paper is less and in reality, more cases are reported. Even the ISIS terrorist movement also observed. The vigilance is increased.

Recently the coast guards caught 5 AK47s and 300 KG heroin seized. So there is no truth that, in the propaganda, that, the islands are crime-free.

But implementation should have strict vigilance.

5.The land acquisition act: This act is formed in 2013 and this act is “Right to fair compensation and Transparency inland acquisition, rehabilitation and Resettlement act 2013.

The Administration said that, this act enables them to develop.

The locals have apprehensions on Goonda act and land acquisition act.

These are some of the changes proposed and drafted by the Praful Patel administration to attract the tourist, and he doesn’t want to leave the opportunities of tourism. The Maldives are just   800 Km away from Lakshadweep. 

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