Lakshmi Bomb film is about to release as a gift of Diwali to Akshay Kumar fans. Here are many controversies importantly two circulating. The first reason is the protagonist name in the film and the second is, the original version of this film already dubbed and released in TV channels like Set Max.

The first reason – protagonist name: In the original version, the protagonist name is “ Raghava” in the plot a protagonist is a timid man. In the remake, his name is “Asif”. He is a fearless man. This made many Hindus serious. Bollywood’s bias treatment has been suppressed by themselves and came out as an outrage now. In social media, it has been surfacing and most heated debate as well. This is up to the common audience.

Over glorifying one religion and making other religion as a cruel and villainy made the controversy.

Is Bollywood really biased?

Bollywood could be biased due to the market in some Non-Hindu countries like Pakistan. They might have been over secular in nature. Let’s look at some instances, in a film called PK, a person who is dressed as Lord Shiva, is chased by the protagonist. Which may look comic but, it is against the majority Hindu’s sentiments. On the other hand, there will be no single joke against a certain religion, and they keep on glorying one religion. This made Hindus feel bad. And in many films, Hindus are degraded, unfortunately. For example, in recent film “Marjaavaan” the protagonist was shown as Hindu with Thilak on the forehead and calls himself incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The second reason – Original version  is available:

The original version, Kanchana / Muni – 2 is available which was dubbed in Hindi. Through the trailer, we easily can understand that the same style can be seen with the same slapstick comedy.

The time of original version: The original version was released about 2011, and by that time the horror-comedy movies have been marking as hit because the genre was less seen in India in the time. The other problem is the slapstick comedy. People can’t enjoy the cheap comedy and they may reject it. It is outdated as well. After watching  “Sthree” kind of sensible and intellectual horror-comedy people might not like this kind of slapstick comedy.

Finally, the trailer was released but, many audiences have been rejecting it and disliking it due to above-mentioned reasons. On top of that, like and dislike button was removed.

Let’s wait and see if it could be a hit or a flop.

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