In the agitation against the farm laws, a priest of Gurudwara committed suicide and wrote a suicide note which tells that, he committed suicide to support the agitators.

Another farmer who was sleeping in his tractor had a cardiac arrest and passed away. His name was Jai Singh.

The celebrities whoever is participating in the agitations have been getting 5-star hotel treatment. And the basic amenities are not available for the common people and agitators. As per a few sources, about 12 farmers passed away in this agitation to date.

Provoking common people:
Many agitations run on the common public. After independence except a very few, no leader has come forward to sacrifice their properties or lives.
For example, the Telangana state agitators worked hard and the leaders provoked them. Many people committed suicide in support of the agitation. They were emotionally provoked and started agitating. As per Telangana CM, 1500 people sacrificed their lives in the statehood stir. We can not find a single leader in this.

People lost life and politicians get the fruits:
In the freedom struggle, the INA soldiers got very less recognition, and the people who sacrificed everything in their life almost got nothing. For example, the Telangana freedom fighters like Narayana Rao Pawar, who was ready to die for freedom from Nizams, led his life unrecognizably. His mates also spent it in the same way. But who became leaders?

As said by Telangana CM KCR, many people sacrificed their lives and CM KCR, pulled his son, daughter and his nephew to the politics. All the family is in politics and the people who lost their close one remained unrecognized. Srikanthachari is one of the examples.

Blindly believing a kind of slavery: As said by Bhagath Singh, believing blindly is also a kind of slavery. First, the common people or the followers should question the leaders and fact check their leaders. The leaders want some havoc so that, the voters could vote them.

The party workers should think before they work. And the party workers should take salaries for their efforts in political parties. No more unpaid workers and no more sacrificing lives should be there.  

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