Ambedkar was a Nationalist. He opposed the caste system in the Hindu religion. Subrahmanya Swamy an eminent politician and Economics professor says that he was the right person to be called “Pandit”. He did his Doctorate in multidisciplinary domains. He was a lawyer as well. Due to his exceptional knowledge, he was given the responsibility of making our Indian constitution. He was against the formation of Pakistan. 

Here are a few facts which are less known to many: 

1. His original name was Bhimrao Ramji Sakpal, but his teacher Mahadev Ambedkar, a Brahmin, was fond of him and changed his surname from ‘Ambavadekar’ to his own surnameAmbedkar‘ in school records. 

2. Amedkar’s wife was a brahmin: Ambedkar married Dr. Savita who was a brahmin and she was his second wife. He married her after some years of his first wife’s demise. 

3. Why Ambedkar was against the Hindu religion: Ambedkar was not against entire Hinduism. He was against the Caste and Varna System and as symbolism to that, he burnt the Manu Dharma Sastra. 

4. Why had he taken Buddhism? He had adopted Buddhism because there is no caste and the caste system is completely destroyed in Buddhism. He followed Neo Buddhism. 

5. Was he against some castes which were considered high in society? He was not against those castes which were considered high, he was against that, consideration of society of making a few castes high and a few castes low, and against the inequality. If he was against a few castes, he would not have married a Brahmin lady and he would have left his surname “Ambedkar” He was against the discrimination, 

6. Was he wrongly portrayed by a few non-indic religions? He had never advocated them. Nowadays a few people wrongly had been showing Ambedkar as a supporter for their religious conversions but he never encouraged conversion to non-indic religions. 

7. What was his comment on the death of Mahatma Gandhi: “Sometimes good cometh out of evil’: What BR Ambedkar wrote about MahatmaGandhi’s assassination. “As the Bible says that sometimes good cometh out of evil, so also I think good will come out of the death of Mr. Gandhi.

8. Ambedkar was the first Indian to get a Doctorate in Economics from a foreign country.

9. He fought for social democracy, not political democracy. 

10. He never supported the formation of Pakistan and in fact, he was against the formation of Pakistan and professed the atrocities against the minority indic religions like Hindus, Parsis, Buddhists, and Sikhs, etc. in the land of Pakistan. As said by him, Hindus and other Indic religions have been suffering from religious persecution in Pakistan. He also wrote a letter to Jogendranath Mandal, a Dalit leader, who was the first Minister of Law in Pakistan, He could not bear the atrocities on Dalit Hindus in Pakistan and he left Pakistan later and passed away in West Bengal as a refugee to India.

The above are a few little known facts about Babasaheb Ambedhakr 

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