Dussera has its own traditional way of celebrating. In different places in India, we have different celebrations. All of them have some reasons.

The scientific reasons

There are many scientific reasons behind the celebration of Devi Navaratri.

1.    The change in Daylight:
Most of India experiences the change in daylight. Once up one a time there was no weekly offs or holidays after six continuous work. There were festival offs. At this time, due to change in daylight from the Navarathri, people used to take a break and after the Navaratri, they used to resume the work. Because of this people used to get a chance to adapt to the newly changed daylight.

2.    The fasting – Shakthi relation:
We know that goddess Parvathi calling her Shakthi. Not only is that, according to Devi Bhagawatham, any female goddess called Shakthi or part of it.
According to Genetics, The energy we get is from Mitochondria. And mitochondrial DNA (mDNA), is inherited from the mother only when the baby is formed in the womb. We don’t get it from parental or father. The reason why we do not get it from father is still a puzzle to scientists
Many devotees of Goddess Durga, do fasting during Devi Navarathri. The scientific reason is quite biological. The mitochondria need some rest form its continuous work and to rejuvenate further. This is the scientific reason behind the Devi Navarathri.

3.    Dancing and singing?
Many devotees dance and sing during the Navaratri and some people dress in different styles. Some dress like goddesses and gods.
Gujarat state’s Dandiyal is very much famous. While dancing the euphoric biochemicals are released which rejuvenate the entire body and give us happiness. Even singing and wearing different attires is also for the same reason.  Dancing is the best exercise and traditional dancing has yoga asanas in it. Which could be very helpful to generate euphoria, which reduces the stress.

4.    Starting of Winter:
Dussera festival is celebrated at the beginning of winter. In Dussera we can find a lot of physical activity of people around like going to temple and celebrating. In Indian tradition, we celebrate the seasons and changes in climate. Winter needs more physical activity due to short days. It also indicates that which encourages us to be more energetic, which is again linked with the Lord Shakthi.

The above are the simple reasons for the Navaratri celebrations.

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