The Family Man season 2 started with the same interesting scenes and with the subtle humor of Srikanth Tiwari,  a middle-class man. The former employee of Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), a branch of the National Investigation Agency. He joins the IT company by being away from his job and fulfilling the needs of family and by being close to the family. He can’t stick to the same mundane job for a long time.

The movie revolves around the Tamil Elam tiger and its terrorist activities. We can find the connections and continuation of the previous season in this as well.  The South actress who has stardom in Telugu and Tamil film industries debut as Rajini a powerful character. Since Raji is a woman of few words and fewer emotions, Samantha focuses on the physicality of the part and convinces us of her being a trained and completely indoctrinated fighter.

The acting competition between Samantha and Manoj gives right entertainment.

In this series, the anti-national elements join hands and how the “Family Man” faced for the nation and they touched the love jihad in this movie.

The complex political drama is intertwined with various emotions, flashbacks and a brief history of what makes Raji a terrorist leader.

Before the release of this web series, many have shown concerns about showing Tamil rebels, contrary to that, the Tamil rebels were shown the empathy in this movie.

The direction and screenplay are good. The performance of all the actors, like Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Sundeep Kishan as Major Vikaram etc acted well and suited the characters.

A special mention to the cinematographer Cameron Bryson whose camera work takes us quite literally into the path of flying bullets, and editor Sumeet Kotian who does a fabulous job of stitching together so many parallels narratives and creating balanced and entertaining episodes.

This season is the sequel to the first season. The episodes definitely make you stick to watch the complete season.

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