Nepal was under the Kings’ Rule for a long time. It had very good relations with India. They were a very close ally to India. Bhutan is another country that has the same kind of relations as us. Even Nepal people have been maintaining a strong bond with India.

Nepal’s proposal to be part of India!
Once Nepal’s king asked Pandit Nehru to make Nepal a part of India, but this proposal was rejected by the then PM. It was during the treaty between India and Nepal. A few scholars call it a rumor but, the reality is minimum Nepal expected very close relations with India, and Nehru wanted Nepal to have its journey separately as an independent nation. This brought the difficulty that, we had failed to keep an eye, on China.

The expansion of communism:
Nepal became a democracy in 1950 under the King of Nepal. Later on, after many years of monopoly, There was a tragedy took place.

In 2001,  The crown prince Deependra assassinated King Birendra and eight family members. There was an inquiry commission that declared Dipendra as accused in the same massacre. Many theories have been brought out as Crown Prince had a love affair and the royal family rejected the proposal, due to that, he might have killed all his family members. But this theory and investigation were doubted by many. Could it be a mass killing of the Royal family by foreign powers? It is still a mystery!!

The introduction of communism is favorable to India?
Communism was introduced in Nepal, and north of Nepal, China has occupied Tibet. So China has been keeping an eye on Nepal. With encouragement from China, Nepal turned out out to be a communist party leading place.

The recent disagreement with Nepal: Nepal started being so friendly to China and starting ignores India, so the border dispute erupted. It had shown close ties with China.

China’s true colours revealed:  In recent times, China occupied a small village. The villagers made the officer flee that place.

After a month or so, the Nepal government announced that it needs to revamp the government. Nepal’s  President agreed to conduct the elections by 2021 March or April.

Is it the victory of Ajith Dhoval?
According to many analysts, it could be the Advisor of National Security, Ajith Dhoval, who made Oli Sharma leave the post. Oli Sharma was in favor of China. So Ajith Doval pulled his power down. 

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