Hello, busy bees !! Today Capital Delhi brings to you our review of Karan Johar’s ‘GUNJAN SAXENA – THE KARGIL GIRL’ a true story and one of the much-awaited movies of 2020.

The movie about Gunjan Saxena’s journey to becoming India’s first female combat pilot in the Kargil War, about how she broke the tradition where a girl was usually expected to get married after education, during that period in India. We don’t want to call this a BioPic but this is a beautiful story around Father-Daughter relationship. 

Pankaj Tripathy, as usual, killed it with his performance. It was him that made most of the viewers glued to the screenplay.  He played the role of a simple army officer, the way he brings up his daughter, the values that he gives her, the way he lets her choose her career path and how he encourages her at every step of her life and career and he played it with the utmost ease. Coming to the lead role ‘Gunjan Saxena’ played by Jahnavi, throughout the movie her performance was good. But, we felt that she is still lacking that ‘Zing’ in her acting. To be honest her performance now is better than that of Dhadak. 

We couldn’t remember any music from the movie or any song just after one day of watching. There is no catchy music in the film. The visuals and camera work is appreciable particularly the aerial shots.

To conclude the casting is poor. We felt that it would be great if the lead role is performed by someone else. This is a very powerful story and to be honest proper justice was not done to the story. Too many things can be shown which were missing and the protagonist should carry powerful aura with her on the screen which is lacking! 

Capital Delhi Review: 2/5

Capital Delhi Verdict: You can skip this if you have other alternatives to watch. Otherwise with some patience can watch it once. 

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