New Year celebrations in many styles!
The New Year every year is being celebrated in different styles. In India, we have also been celebrating the new year by cutting cakes and by distributing sweets, etc. But in different countries, different styles of celebrating is adopted by them. Their belief is that, if they begin the year on a good note, the same would be continued.

The red underwear: 
The Italians wear red-colored underwear to welcome the new year. The red symbolizes fertility, so the Italians wear it.

New Year in the Graveyard:
The citizens of Chili celebrate the new year, in the graveyards. They feel that, if they celebrate New Year in the graveyard, it is like celebrating the New Year with their forefathers.

Throwing the white flowers in Sea:
The Brazilians celebrate the new year by throwing the white flowers in the sea and by throwing the calendars in the sea. According to them, these activities are to appease the Sea.

Eat 12 grapes:
Spain has been following the 19th-century style celebration still. For every hour, they eat one grapefruit. If they do it, they believe that they would get luck in the coming 12 months.

Dangle the Onion:
In Greece, the people dangle the Onions to their doors on New Year days. According to the Greece people, the onions are symbols for rebirth and their belief is that, if they keep the onions, there would be development.

The Soba Noodles:
In Japan Japanese eat Soba Noodles on this new year’s day. They believe that, like Soba Noodles, they will have long-lasting luck and health.

Break the plates:
In Denmark, before the beginning of the new year, they break as many plates as they can. They even throw the plates on neighboring houses. If they find many plates in front of their houses, they believe that they are that lucky.

Mix the ashes and drink:
In Russia, they write their desires in the papers and burn them to ash. After that, they mix them into drinks and consume the ashes of the paper. They believe that, by drinking the ashes mixed drink or water, they make their desires come true.

These are a few funny beliefs of people from different countries. 

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