Many conspiracy theories have developed around Jesus Christ. On two important events, Jesus’s life was questioned by Historians and a few conspiracy theorists.

1. Jesus’s lost years:
As per a few researchers and even Christians, Jesus did not appear from 13 to 28 years. A few Christians claim that Jesus had never gone to India and he spent his time as a carpenter.

The first modern writer to claim Jesus travelled to India was Nicolas Notovitch in 1894. In 1908, the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ taught that between the ages of 12 and 30 Jesus travelled to India, Tibet, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Egypt. As per a few Historians, he said the same.

2. Was Jesus married?:
As per a few theorists, Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Later, when there was a resurrection of Jesus, he said that he was not a soul but a man with flesh and blood to Thomas. They started to go and in this process, Jesus stayed in different places and as per a few conspiracy theorists, Marry Magdalena might have stayed in France. On this, a Hollywood film was also released called ” The Davinci Code”

3. Did Does Jesus travel to India?
Many historians doubt if Jesus had traveled to India during his lost years.  The supporting book is from Nicholas Jacovich. He wrote the book and detailed a few theories.  A film was planned but not materialized, about Jesus traveling records or evidence.

4. Tomb of Jesus, Kashmir.
The tomb of Jesus is also called: According to a few stories and books, the tomb of Jesus is there in Kashmir. Footprints of Youza Asouph are present – Curt Burner  

Mirza Gulam Ahmad (1835-1908) did research on Rozable Shrine and said the tomb belonged to Jesus Christ. (Masih Hindusthan Mein) Christ in India.

The followings are books that generated a different controversial concepts by writers:  
Aziz Kashmiri – Christ in Kashmir.
Andreas Faber – Kaiser’s “Jesus Died in Kashmir”
Hoger Kersten’s “Jesus lived in India”
Edward Martin’s – King of Travelers: Jesus’s lost years in India.
Rozabal – Beyond the Davinci Code.

India was the country of knowledge and skilled people. In the lost years of Jesus, he might have reached India trough silk road.

Jesus survived crucifixion, left Judea and migrated eastward to continue his mission to the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’, travelling through Persia and Afghanistan and eventually dying a natural and honourable death in Kashmir at an old age. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) applied textual analysis of both the Gospels and Islamic sources – the Quran and hadith – and also drew upon medical and historical material, including ancient Buddhist records, to argue his case.

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