Following Turkey’s president Erdogan and Malaysia’s former PM Mahathir Bin Mohammad, Pakistan spoke against France’s President Emmanuel Marcon regarding the comments made by him, in light of the recent killing of a schoolteacher by radical Islam refuge from Chechenya. This led to bigger losses to Pakistan.

How Pakistan has become alone?
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan’s comments against President of France Emmanuel Macron. The protest by radicalized people in Pakistan, made France take a few decisions, importantly two, made Pakistan almost alone in most of the European Union countries.

France is a significant country in the European Union, and its decision may be considered very important and prominent as well in European countries.

The decisions:

Decision #1
France has decided against helping Pakistan upgrade its fleet of Mirage fighter jets, air defence system and Agosta 90B class submarines. On top of this France also told Qatar to not to appoint or take the help from Pakistan origin Technicians for  Rafael, as there is a danger of leaking the information about the Rafael flights. Qatar is one of the countries which bought Rafael flights.

Decision #2
Paris has already started the requests of Asylum request under detailed scrutiny because of the strained ties between the two countries and the stabbing incident outside the Charlie Hebdo office. A Pakistan origin 18-year-old Ali Hassan stabbed two persons with a meat cleaver after that when his father asked about his son’s action he said he was proud of his son’s actions, which made France think and undergo detailed scrutiny of asylum applicants from Pakistan.

Is there India’s role in this decision?
India has identified the right way to fight the enemies. Moreover, in the past 5+ years of time, there has been a lot of change in strategic relations with foreign countries. It gives a common man the idea that India has been ascending to power. We know that people listen to powerful leaders only. The same way, India should become powerful and in this process, India’s diplomats won many battles through only their foreign affairs. If the same pace can be seen in the coming years, we are not far away to see India as a powerful nation.

FATF (Financial Action Task Force)’s an action against Pakistan!!
In FATF, Pakistan faced bigger insults. FATF generally looks after the funds and the misusing them. Pakistan has been misusing the funds and not stopping the funds which have been transferred to terrorists for many years. Even the Pakistan government has been supporting the terrorists like Hafiz Saed. India’s pressure worked in the meeting of FATF and almost made it into blacklist, but, unfortunately, due to China’s intervention, FATF put Pakistan in the brown list. And warned Pakistan to take action on the illegal funds flowing for the terrorists.

The arrest of Mumbai attacks main culprit in Pakistan:
Pakistan has been making self goals by calling Osama Bin Laden a martyr and by admitting that, their hand was there in killing the Indian soldiers in Pulwama.

Raising pressure made Pakistan take action on Most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saed. Pakistan court punished most wanted terrorists with 10 years of imprisonment in an illegal funds transfer.

Is Pakistan serious about the arrest?
Pakistan is a haven of terrorists and the arrest is another way of flaunting that, it was taking action against the terror funds and terrorists to satisfy the FATF and the world to get help from them.

It is very clear that Pakistan may have to be alone. Turkey and Malaysia can not help. China tries to see its betterment. It is not going to help but can do business with Pakistan by selling them the weapons. 

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