As per the latest news, the Pakistan variant of the Virus is ready to shake the neighboring enemy state. This new variant is named as Epsilon strain.

According to a report by Dawn, a new COVID-19 variant, Epsilon has been detected in Pakistan amid the surge of COVID-19 cases in the country amid its fourth wave. The health authorities have issued an alert following the detection of five new cases of Epsilon strain in Lahore.

Medical experts in Pakistan believe the Epsilon variant to be vaccine-resistant and have declared it as the new threat for vaccinated people who might get infected again. The variant is considered highly infectious and as transmissible as the Delta variant.

This variant is first detected in California as per a few sources. It is also known as B.1.429 and CAL.20C and has five defining mutations, of which the L452R is of particular concern.

The Epsilon strain can completely escape lab-made antibodies and reduce the effectiveness of the antibodies generated in the plasma of vaccinated people. Researchers at the University of Washington also came to a similar conclusion that the variant to be more resistant to vaccines and is 20 per cent more transmissible than the current variants.

Because of increasing cases in Pakistan, the authorities have imposed a lockdown in the southern Sindh province including Karachi.

Danger to India:
There is a danger to India from Pakistan because they may use this virus affected people by infiltration, people may get affected very quickly. 

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