Many bureaucrats come to serve Indian government in different capacities, some made their contribution with honesty and some surrendered themselves to the politicians. The surrendered public servants earned money and are obviously forgotten and another few worked with sincerity and honesty like Jayaprakash Narayan and most the famous person is SR Sankaran.

Who is SR Sankaran :

He was an IAS officer from a humble background who started working from 1956  in bureaucracy. He started his work as a Sub Collector and later he worked as a collector in different parts of India.

His contribution to Indian society:

As an IAS officer his major contributions are as follows:

1.      As a special assistant to Mohan Kumaramangalam, the then Minister for Steel and Mines. While at this post, he assisted Kumaramangalam to push through the nationalization of coal mines during 1971–73.

2.      He addressed issues such as religious conversions, atrocities against women and education for Dalits; he set up dedicated schools and hostels for Dalit people which eventually developed into the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Schools and after bifurcation of Telangana State those schools are called as Telangana Social Welfare Residential Schools in Telangana State.

3.      He was the negotiator between the Andhra Pradesh State Government and Naxals.

4.      He was involved with the activities of Safai Karmachari Andolan, founded by Bezwada Wilson, and served as a mentor to the organization. Under his guidance, the initiative worked to free a majority of the manual labourers in the State handling human excreta till their number dwindled from 1.3 million to 300,000


He was given the third-highest civilian award, Padma Bhusan  but he rejected

AP government installed his statue after his death.

He got many awards and he was so humble and work

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